The details

This webinar will be divided into 2 sessions.

First, SUNLIGHT will discuss "Custom Zeppelin interpreter for simplifying workflows". This part provides an overview of the custom EVOLVE Zeppelin interpreter, which has been implemented for simplifying the definition and deployment of workflows for the pilots of the EVOLVE project on the Argo workflow engine running on the EVOLVE cluster. It can be used for defining various workflows with sensors, parallel or loop stages and more using the Python programming language.

Secondly, WebLyzard will showcase "Visual Analytics Dashboard for Big Data Applications". Visualization services help analysts navigate big data repositories across multiple metadata dimensions. This webinar demonstrates how results of computational processes can be visualized together with relevant knowledge automatically extracted from the public debate. The presentation will include specific examples of the EVOLVE pilot applications, with a special emphasis on the temporal and geographic context dimensions. To capture these dimensions, the system requires scalable content aggregation, filtering, indexing, metadata enrichment and knowledge graph alignment mechanisms.

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07 Oct 2021

10.30am CEST

Registration closed