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Sunlight Photon - the fastest NVMe over Fabrics storage appliance

Sunlight Photon is the fastest and lowest latency NVMe-over-Fabrics appliance on the market today. Photon integrates seamlessly with Sunlight NexVisor clusters for a disaggregated storage architecture. Each 1U Photon appliance contains up to 128TB of storage and can achieve an unprecedented 6m IOPS with under 50 microsecond latency. Appliances are stackable and scale linearly. Photon is fully integrated with the Sunlight Dashboard for easy manageability. Sunlight Photon is the simplest way to access millions of IOPS per fully virtualised guest VM in a disaggregated storage mode.


  • High capacity – 128TB per unit
  • Low latency – 50us access latency – half that of the closest competition
  • High throughput – 6M IOPS per unit – with no virtualisation performance overhead at the host
  • High availability – fully redundant hardware
  • Easy scale-out – stackable with linear scale-out performance
  • Integrated management – manage your Sunlight cluster + Photon from a single pane of glass

Find out more about Sunlight Photon in this datasheet.


Hannah Mellow

Marketing Director

Date: 01 Aug 2020