Scaling your Edge-to-Core Infrastructure

Your most important data starts ‘at the edge’ - across 1000s of oil platforms, retail stores and manufacturing robots. Turn it into real-time insight and action with an efficient, zero-touch and economic infrastructure.

Omdia research: the challenges of deploying applications at the edge


Your edge at the edge


Lower hardware costs

Restaurant chains consolidate in-restaurant applications for lower infrastructure costs

Restaurant Solution

More data insight

More edge sensor data means more efficient and cleaner energy generation

Energy Solution

Lower latency IaaS

MSPs offer sub-20ms latency IaaS for gaming, manufacturing from Edge data centers

IaaS Solution

One click edge location fulfillment

Edge computing made as easy as 1, 2, 3


Choose your favorite edge hardware devices installed and configured with Sunlight from your preferred partner


Edge devices are shipped directly to your 100s or 1000s of edge locations anywhere in the world


Plug into the network and power on. The edge devices connect to your Sunlight dashboard and apps are pushed down.

Your distributed edge cloud

Welcome to your micro cloud

Sunlight makes managing your applications and infrastructure as easy as the cloud. Sunlight turns all of your edge locations into ‘micro clouds’ – each running on a single, highly available, efficient, small-footprint, ruggedised stack of hardware - and allows you to manage 100s or 1000s of these with a central dashboard in any core cloud.

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Meeting your edge objectives

Consolidate, automate and innovate without limit

  • Consolidate
  • Automate
  • Innovate
  • 85%

    Reduction in infrastructure costs


    Cut costs by consolidating all of your in-location edge applications onto a single highly available hardware stack with full isolation, security and high availability.


    Reduction in time to bring up new edge systems


    Speed time-to-market and cut support burden by standardising application deployments across your locations using ready-built or custom application recipes in the Sunlight marketplace.


    Incremental costs to deploy a new application


    Increase pace of innovation by making it easy to deploy and update new applications across all your edge locations from a central management dashboard.

    Edge-to-Cloud Ecosystem

    One platform to connect them all

    Any app on any architecture

    Any hardware

    Any core cloud

    Any CPU or GPU


    Any app on any architecture

    Sunlight is designed for performance and can run even the most demanding and data-heavy AI, ML and analytics applications on any application architecture and requires minimal hardware. Best of all - applications can be deployed with a single click from the Sunlight Marketplace. Sunlight supports applications running in containers or VMs - so you don't need separate hardware to run all your applications in a single Sunlight cluster.

    Any hardware

    Sunlight works with your favorite hardware from Lenovo, Supermicro, Hivecell, LanternEdge, HPE and others. Because Sunlight has such a minimal device footprint - you can use some of the tiniest devices out there. It also runs natively in the AWS and Equinix clouds.

    Any core cloud

    The Sunlight Infrastructure Manager (SIM) is our centralized UI and API to remotely manage all your Edge nodes and automatically deploy applications via the Sunlight Marketplace. It can be deployed inside any core cloud or installed onto a Linux-based Virtual Machine.

    Any CPU or GPU

    Sunlight supports both x86 and Arm processor architectures so you can choose the best hardware for your use case - from Intel Xeon and Atom to embedded Arm-based systems.

    Trusted by global enterprises

    • "The Sunlight Infrastructure Manager and Marketplace allows for automated deployments of the Altos BrainSphereTM server range to Data Centers and distributed Edge locations. Our partners and customers are finding the management of these disparate locations, from Edge to core to cloud, seamless and simple."

      Jackie Lee

      President Altos Computing, Altos Computing an Acer company.
    • “Not only did Sunlight go above and beyond when we needed to migrate all of our customers to Sunlight running on existing hardware at short notice, they were open and transparent with us about any hiccups along the way. Let’s just say, we didn’t get this level of service with our previous HCI supplier. The Sunlight Infrastructure Manager is a game changer. Not only have we saved time and money managing our own infrastructure, our clients find their own environments easy to use as well.”

      Tim Martoccio

      Founder & CEO, LunarWeb
    • “With Sunlight, we can offer our enterprise customers a superior cloud solution that's hosted locally in Tunisia, with local support and at a low cost. The Sunlight team has been on hand to help get our new cloud capability up and running quickly. My customers are excited to experience the high performance they can now get from the Sunlight infrastructure."

      Zied Ouled Ali

      Founder & General Manager, Safozi
    • “We created the ThinkSystem SE350 to be small and rugged enough to run anywhere - it can even be hung on the wall of a smart factory - without compromising on performance. We’re delighted to have assisted Sunlight in certifying the SE350. Our customers are increasingly looking for ways to simplify their edge architectures - and Sunlight plus SE350 offers a great way to do that.”

      Florian Pawletta

      Business Development DACH, Lenovo
    • "Sunlight is addressing a challenging area that is even further removed from visibility than normal IT, but no less important. By fully automating deployment, the company has really enabled software-as-a-service models at the edge of the network.”


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