The case for smarter manufacturing infrastructure

Manufacturing today is moving to real-time monitoring and management with the help of IIOT. Collecting and analyzing data from production lines enables faster and more reliable processes on the shop floor. Pushing these capabilities into the cloud doesn't work as it requires placing compute right next to the sensors, cameras and actuators to minimise latency and cope with the huge volumes of data. Sunlight provides a way to run these applications and manage a highly distributed edge infrastructure at scale.

Predictive Maintenance

Continuous analysis of data from vibration, audio and other sensors enables early identification of maintenance requirements for reduced unplanned downtime.

Quality Control

Applying real-time AI to production line video streams can identify quality issues in real-time, increasing yield and preventing waste.


Deliver a hyper-personalised retail experience by deploying video surveillance, temperature monitoring, retail analytics, POS and virtual showrooms at the edge.

Digital Twin

An accurate as-maintained digital twin model, augmented by real-time process data and analytics enables monitoring and optimization to maximise availability and performance


Real-time collection of data, with low latency and extremely high availability enables SCADA systems to provide an accurate picture of the state of manufacturing systems


Using video analytics combined with AI, and environmental sensors to monitor site and employee safety can ensure compliance and instill employee confidence and reduce manual processes

Do you offer software solutions to any of these industries?

We rearchitected the hypervisor for the Edge

Sunlight was born out of a collaboration with Arm in 2013 to build a lightweight hypervisor for low-power processors. Traditional virtualisation was too ‘heavy’, so we rearchitected the hypervisor to enable applications to run as if they were running on baremetal.

From this we created the Sunlight hyperconverged infrastructure stack (HCI) - consisting of NexVisor coupled with the latest advances in software defined storage and networking.

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We rearchitected the hypervisor for the Edge
Deploy and manage your Microservices and Virtual Machines

Sunlight is the optimal platform for running Virtual Machines (VMs) and Containers at the Edge. Our tiny footprint, uptime, manageability, isolation security and bare metal performance means that Microservices and VMs are easy to deploy and manage remotely from anywhere.


Sunlight turns rugged edge hardware into a micro cloud for all your applications

Sunlight has a tiny but powerful footprint. Perfect for space-constrained and low-power Edge environments

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Data sourced from analyst firm, ESG (a division of TechTarget).

How our customers are deploying Sunlight at the Edge

"Sunlight helped us deliver on both high performance for Splunk and also a small footprint for edge IOT data collection and aggregation."

Lavazza's MSP
Lavazza's MSP

Managing Director

“Many enterprises would benefit from the simplicity of HCI at the edge, which combines compute, storage, networking and management into a single virtualized system to reduce complexity and increase scalability – whereas traditional HCI is too bloated – Sunlight’s tiny footprint makes it perfect for the task."


Managing Director

"With Sunlight we can deliver desktops at a level of performance that Citrix isn’t capable of. Developers demand high performance desktops and with Sunlight – they get that performance"



Sunlight at the Edge can help you to:

  • Efficiently process massive streams of data close to the source
  • Deploy datacenter grade computing in extreme or inhospitable environments
  • Make significant savings on equipment and overheads
  • Remotely monitor and manage your edge infrastructure environment from anywhere, 24/7
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Sunlight at the Edge