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Edge Orchestration

Single UI or API to manage all your Edge deployments

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The Sunlight Edge Orchestration, a component of Sunlight NexCenter, is the fastest and recommended way to deploy and manage Sunlight clusters in AWS, On-Premises and at the Edge. It provides a single pane of glass to manage and monitor resources, take backups, move workloads around and to deploy clusters. It can be deployed instantly on-demand from the AWS marketplace.

Single pane of management for all deployments

  • Full role-based access control
  • UI or API driven for easy integration
  • Monitor all resources across entire deployed estate
Single pane of management for all deployments

Virtual Machine management

  • Ability to move VMs between Clusters
  • Use Templates to create new VMs. Ability to have private Template servers
  • Resource Groups for granular control of compute and storage
Virtual Machine management

Data protection

  • Backup VMs on your clusters from a central location
  • Create granular snapshot schedules
  • Restore to any cluster under SIM control
Data protection

Easy to implement and manage

Sunlight is easy to install - the complete Sunlight HCE stack can be installed on a bare-metal server in 10 minutes, or on-demand in AWS. AWS AMIs are binary compatible - so can be migrated instantaneously. Sunlight is easy to manage - it includes a full dashboard that allows you to manage all aspects of your Sunlight cluster, including fine-grained control of CPU, storage and network configuration and performance. The dashboard is installed as part of the HCE stack and is highly-available by design across the cluster.

Easy to implement and manage


Sunlight is designed with security at its core. All components of the Sunlight stack are hardened. Thanks to Sunlight’s fine grained CPU and memory allocation it is possible to physically guard against CPU memory exploits. Control of IO interfaces allows you to separate content and network traffic so there is no sharing of physical drives or network physical interfaces. Data can be encrypted at rest through hardware acceleration

Low Cost

Sunlight is priced on a per-node basis - no penalties for high core-density CPUs. Sunlight is available as a monthly or annual subscription (or hourly subscription in AWS).

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