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The case for smarter retail infrastructure

Quick service restaurants are experiencing a surge in post-COVID innovation as customer buying behaviors are changed forever. Customers now demand a better experience - personalization, touchless ordering, smart drive-thrus with pick-up times measured in seconds, and highly consistent food quality.

A new type of in-restaurant infrastructure is required that can support all these new applications without costing the earth.

Support a mix of applications

Deploy run and manage all of your applications through the Sunlight marketplace - whether legacy VM-based, Kubernetes or container based.

Continuous operations

Intermittent WAN connections can cause business interruption. Sunlight offers continuous business operations (even when WAN fails) with high availability, data protection and disconnected running.

Central management

Sunlight gives you all the infrastructure services you need in one simple bundle that can be installed in less than 10 minutes and managed remotely. Problems can be fixed quickly without requiring a truck roll.

Fit anywhere

Restaurants have limited space, power and cooling - so the solution needs to small, rugged and work in the smallest possible physical footprint.

Easy consolidation

Consolidate your in-restaurant infrastructure from 10-20 discrete systems down to a single highly reliable and centrally remotely manageable, low cost system that runs all your applications.

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When a new restaurant is commissioned, push out complete preconfigured hardware and software IT builds with ease, reducing time to market by 70%.

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Increase innovation

Deploying new applications without incurring extra hardware costs is simple with Sunlight – just create a recipe in the Sunlight Application Marketplace and deploy on-demand onto your shared cluster in any location.

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Fast time-to-market

Order your favorite vendor hardware pre-installed with Sunlight and pre-configured, delivered directly to your edge locations from the Sunlight ordering portal.

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Sunlight has a tiny but powerful footprint. Perfect for space-constrained and low-power Edge environments

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Data sourced from analyst firm, ESG (a division of TechTarget).

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How quick service restaurants are simplifying their infrastructure with Sunlight

The pandemic that hit the world in early 2020 led to dramatic changes in consumer behaviour - especially with the way we consume restaurant food. This US restaurant chain had to respond quickly to retain its loyal customer base - bringing forward existing plans for digital transformation by 5 years.

National QSR chain

Case Study

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Sunlight helps QSRs to:

  • Consolidate in-restaurant application infrastructure to cut costs by 75%
  • Deploy complex applications with a single click from the Sunlight Marketplace
  • Centrally remotely manage 1000s of restaurant locations - reducing skillset requirements
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Sunlight Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platform. Built for deploying and managing Edge environments.

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