Case Studies

Case Studies

Find out how our customers use Sunlight technology to improve workload performance on premise and in the cloud, and to enable small footprint edge computing.


Catholic Secondary School (UK) gets an up-grade

“Sunlight is not only more cost effective than other infrastructure solutions but more efficient, robust and simple to manage. It is designed to solve the specific challenges you have in schools where you have different types of technology in distributed locations around the school and budgets are tight. The cost and time saving have surpassed my expectations - allowing me to focus on other things.”

Senior IT Technician


US Restaurant Chain to Improve Service with Less IT Infrastructure and Management Time

"POS outages cost the average retailer $4,700 per minute, or $282,000 per hour"

The Standish Group

IT Research Advisory Firm


Transforming the future of enterprise edge computing as a member of the 5G Open Innovation Lab ecosystem

“Startups that are part of this program will attest that the connections we help forge allow them to advance their innovation and commercialization goals at an unprecedented pace."

Jim Brisimitzis

Founder and General Partner of the 5G Open Innovation Lab


LunarWeb high-performance web hosting that keeps VIPs in the public eye at all times

“We were in a bind and Sunlight just made it work - and on our existing hardware.”

Tim Martoccio

Founder & CEO


Providing high performance cloud services to companies across Tunisia and North Africa

“With Sunlight, we can offer our enterprise customers a superior cloud solution that's hosted locally in Tunisia, with local support and at a low cost."

Zied Ouled Ali

Founder & General Manager


Leading the big data revolution with EVOLVE European Innovation Action project

"EVOLVE will use technologies in markets where data capability is the source of disruption. These markets are socially critical for European citizens - like mobility, agriculture and urban planning."


European Innovation Action project