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Executive Summary

For LunarWeb Founder & CEO, Tim Martoccio, providing his high-profile clients with a secure, reliable and boutique web hosting service is essential for them to stay in the public eye at all times - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. They can’t accept unscheduled downtime - and neither can he. Website 404 messages, for example during the Superbowl or Olympics, would be a complete disaster.

When an existing partner closed their Chicago data center on Tim with two month’s notice, they were “put in a bind”. Thankfully, they had just recently migrated 12-14 customers to Sunlight for testing and not only did it “just work”, they were experiencing great results - it was faster, better and smoother than any solution they’d used before. So Tim asked Sunlight to help do what he thought would be the impossible - migrate all of their clients into their Phoenix data center with their existing hardware. The LunarWeb and Sunlight teams set about making the impossible possible - Sunlight even wrote a dedicated driver to make it all work. And when it did, they knew that they’d found a partner they could trust and rely on. Other providers would have forced them to invest in more hardware, instead of using what they already had.


  • Scheduled and unscheduled downtime was causing disruption to services
  • Existing partner closed data center with short notice
  • Needed a team of engineers to manage existing infrastructure

Sunlight Solution

  • No downtime with Sunlight’s automated failover and high availability
  • Fast & secure migration of VMware-based client workloads to Sunlight running on existing hardware
  • Sunlight’s low overhead means they can provide more services on existing servers



more output from same hardware

Performance at scale

When Tim and his team were first testing the Sunlight technology, they wiped some VMware nodes and migrated them to Sunlight. To get an accurate A/B test, they used the same server hardware and migrated VMs (Virtual Machines) with the same amount of CPU - only changing the network cards. They then tested it running their hosting applications, Apache and other web applications. Not only did everything instantly seem “snappier”, it was incredibly easy to manage. With Sunlight, they could reduce their hardware requirements by 30% to get the same performance, whilst saving management time.

Since migrating their Chicago data center to their Phoenix facility, all now running exclusively on Sunlight, LunarWeb has been going from strength to strength. They are now looking to further expand their operations across the United States - upgrading their Phoenix data center and opening others in Chicago and Atlanta. In future they plan to expand internationally into Europe. Sunlight makes it easy for them to scale and manage distributed infrastructure anywhere.

“Sunlight’s ability to scale is impressive. Running on Sunlight means that we’re not only set up to grow our business now, but for exploring new directions and achieving our ambitions in the future.”

Tim Martoccio

Founder & CEO

Sunlight infrastructure management is a game changer

For Tim, Sunlight’s ease of management is a “game changer”. Previously, he’d needed an army of engineers to run their service on VMware - with high people and licensing costs. With Sunlight, their entire infrastructure and application marketplace is now managed by a fully cloud-enabled, single pane of glass. They no longer have to spend time integrating and configuring different products. New server installs take 10 minutes, not days.

And it’s not just their own infrastructure management that Sunlight is making easier. LunarWeb provides their clients with their own unique environments (portals) from Sunlight’s Infrastructure Manager. The User Interface (UI) is so easy to navigate that their customers are also reporting a better experience as well. As more and more people work remotely, this means that their own team and clients can easily connect to a console and manage 90% of their infrastructure remotely from anywhere.

“The Sunlight Infrastructure Manager is a game changer. Not only have we saved time and money managing our own infrastructure, our clients find their own environments easy to use as well.”

Tim Martoccio

Founder & CEO

Open and transparent customer service

When Tim urgently needed to migrate his customer workloads, Sunlight rewrote a driver specifically for LunarWeb so they could re-use their existing hardware. But this was not without some hiccups along the way. Tim had expected this at the time and was impressed with the level of transparency and explanation provided by the Sunlight Customer Service team - working closely with them to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

This, for Tim, was the deciding factor that proved Sunlight was the right partner for them. He knows that occasionally things break - especially when pushing boundaries - and having a partner that is open and transparent is crucial for a successful partnership. When he had issues with his previous supplier, he never received an explanation - despite paying for an enterprise solution. With Sunlight, he has found a partner he can trust and rely on.

Not only did Sunlight go above and beyond to deliver the impossible, they were open and transparent with us about any hiccups along the way. Let’s just say, we didn’t get this level of service with our previous HCI supplier”

Tim Martoccio

Founder & CEO