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Cambridge, UK [March 20st, 2024]
Linebreak, a global edge solution provider, and, a leader in edge orchestration,  today announced a new strategic partnership to enable enterprises to harness the value of their data at the edge. will bring leading-edge orchestration capability to Linebreak’s platform.

In the post-digital era, enterprises need to harness their data to fuel AI processing and drive smarter insights. More and more of this data is distributed at the edge across multiple devices, sensors, hubs, and geographic sites, all of which require orchestration, management, and monitoring. Running applications and infrastructure across heterogeneous edge micro-cloud sites is a key enterprise challenge.

Linebreak is at the forefront of the edge computing market, integrating leading technologies to rapidly deliver enterprise-grade solutions. As part of the Linebreak platform, will provide an edge orchestration layer enabling enterprises to distribute applications and process data for business-critical applications in situ across remote locations. 

Sunlight Hyperconverged Edge (HCE) is the only hyperconverged platform designed to run on edge-appropriate hardware providing advanced device management and application orchestration on even the smallest edge servers.  

Linebreak CTO Dolo Miah commented, “Orchestration is a key requirement for edge solutions, and is a proven product designed for enterprise-grade environments. I’m delighted to have them onboard.” CTO Julian Chesterfield said, “ We’re excited to partner with Linebreak to bring smarter technology to the edge. Businesses increasingly need innovative solutions to manage and process their data efficiently across distributed edge sites. The Sunlight and Linebreak partnership provides a great platform to deliver value to enterprises seeking to drive innovation and efficiency across their business.”

About Linebreak
Linebreak is a global solution provider enabling enterprises to achieve their efficiency goals in the post-digital era by unlocking the value of their edge data.
Linebreak integrates leading-edge technologies, including, to rapidly deliver enterprise-grade solutions accelerated by our platform. Visit website.

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About Sunlight

Sunlight is the thinnest, fastest HyperConverged Infrastructure platform built for applications that
run at the edge. We make running and managing applications and infrastructure at the edge as
easy as “in the cloud” across 100s to 1000s of edge devices. Sunlight works with efficient,
ruggedized edge hardware - so you can consolidate all your in-location edge applications with
centralized management, high performance, and high availability. Find out more at


Hannah Mellow

Marketing Director

Date: 21 Mar 2024