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Executive Summary

Safozi is one of the leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers in North Africa. They offer everything from simple hosting to cloud services, including private cloud services and single-click application deployments. They help their customers, including key Tunisian news outlets, to optimize IT infrastructure.

Safozi is using Sunlight to create a new cloud service, using high density servers with high core count CPUs, fast SSD and SAS storage and fast networking, so they can offer their customers bare metal equivalent performance.

With Sunlight, Safozi’s enterprise customers can benefit from a superior cloud solution that is locally hosted in Tunisia, with local support. Safozi can offer a faster, higher performance and lower cost alternative to AWS and OVH. In addition, their customers can take advantage of their virtual data center services - with the flexibility to choose the amount of memory, CPU and storage resources that best suit their overall needs.


  • Media and Financial services customers want better application performance
  • Existing cloud platform unable to deliver bare metal performance for fast SSD and SAS storage
  • The poor efficiency of existing cloud platform is reducing margins

Sunlight Solution

  • Migrate existing cloud services onto a Sunlight-based, more dense infrastructure
  • Makes the full performance of fast SSD and SAS storage available to virtualized applications
  • Reduces the hardware requirements, which will enable higher margins



Increase in available IO performance

Unleashing high performance cloud services

When Sunlight were first approached by Zied, Safozi's Founder & General Manager, their existing cloud infrastructure was inefficient and couldn't take advantage of the latest SSD and SAS storage technology needed to offer high performance services to their customers. In addition, they wanted to be able to provide private cloud services and enterprise HCI solutions that would enable them to deliver a secure and high performance platform for enterprise customers - especially in Media and Financial Services.

Zied saw an opportunity to both consolidate the Safozi infrastructure and reduce costs by migrating their customer VMs to a new Sunlight infrastructure.

As a result, Safozi will be able to reduce the size of its overall infrastructure by 50% and, at the same time, increase its available IO performance by 10X.

"The Sunlight team has been on hand to get our new cloud capability up and running. My customers are excited to experience the high performance they can now get from the Sunlight infrastructure."

Zied Ouled Ali

Founder & General Manager

Flexibility and simplicity

With the Sunlight Infrastructure Manager (SIM) and Application Marketplace, Safozi can offer their customers far greater control over their cloud.

Sunlight has made it simple to deploy enterprise applications on demand from the marketplace and to configure and manage infrastructure resources remotely via a single pane of glass (the SIM). This means that Safozi are able to reduce support calls by 30%. Instead, focusing on providing an exceptional level of customer service.

Enterprise customers will have the flexibility to decide how they wish to deploy their IT - carving up a set of memory, CPU and storage resources into VMs tailored to suit their needs.

The reduction in infrastructure and technical staff, combined with Sunlight's low-cost subscription model, means Safozi can add value for their customers, while also improving margins.

"With the Sunlight Infrastructure Manager, migrating customer VMs is far easier than I expected. I can reduce the number of technical people I need to manage the data center infrastructure."

Zied Ouled Ali

Founder & General Manager