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Lenovo AI Innovator, byteLAKE, is now available to deploy from the Sunlight application library

Deploy, manage and automatically update byteLAKE AI solutions and supporting infrastructure
across thousands of distributed, edge sites with Sunlight and Lenovo.

Cambridge, UK [Jan 16th, 2024] –, the thinnest, fastest HyperConverged
Infrastructure (HCI) platform built for applications that run at the edge, today announced that
byteLAKE, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for industries, is now available to deploy,
manage and update from the centralized Sunlight application library (AppLibrary). byteLAKE
demonstrated its AI product running on Sunlight HyperConverged Edge and Lenovo infrastructure at the Lenovo roadshow in locations across the UK throughout November 2023.

byteLAKE is a software company focused on building AI products for a range of industries.
byteLAKE offers a collection of AI solutions for automated visual inspection in manufacturing,
sound-based quality monitoring in automotive, AI-powered Data Insights for predictive
maintenance, AI-accelerated CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations, and AI modules
enabling self-checkout and item identification in retail and restaurants. Customers require
byteLAKE to run in remote, harsh environments - away from the traditional data center - with
fast, always-on data processing for real-time insight to action. This needs to be deployed and
managed from the central HQ, without having to send engineers to each site. This is possible
with the Sunlight HyperConverged Edge Computing infrastructure and AppLibrary running on
the Lenovo ThinkEdge and ThinkSystem server range.

“Sunlight provides a simple, cost-effective Edge Computing and orchestration solution to help
our customers scale byteLAKE’s AI products across their factories, retail stores or restaurants.
Not only does it help existing customers to scale their innovations, it is opening up new
opportunities by being a part of a wider solution for industry” said byteLAKE co-founder, Marcin

“byteLAKE is building AI solutions to meet specific needs in the market - whether to improve
quality, speed up processes or enhance customer experiences. Having byteLAKE in our
AppLibrary means that we can make it easier for them to scale customer deployments and
reach new audiences. The Lenovo AI Innovators partner ecosystem is bringing together
software providers to offer their customers a full suite of solutions that are relevant to their
industry” said Sunlight Founder and CTO, Julian Chesterfield.

ByteLAKE and Sunlight are both members of the Lenovo AI Innovators partner ecosystem,
which aims to maximize alignment between hardware engineering and AI software design and
performance. By collaborating with the industry’s most innovative AI software companies, the
ecosystem helps deploy AI more rapidly, and with increased confidence.

“Lenovo is focused on leading the intelligent transformation to smarter technology for all with
smarter infrastructure solutions and services that unlock intelligence to expand business
opportunities and fuel growth,” said Scott Tease, Vice President and General Manager of
HPC and AI, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group. “The Lenovo AI Innovators partner
ecosystem provides a one-stop shop to help customers of all sizes easily deploy AI with
confidence. From early proofs of concept to scaling AI, Lenovo’s partner ecosystem provides
the full range of support to help businesses simplify implementation across a variety of
infrastructures and deploy today’s most innovative AI software, so they can gain actionable
decisions in retail stores, factories, hospitals and cities across the world. Thanks to Sunlight
we're able to bring this ecosystem to everybody on Lenovo hardware.”

Find out more about the joint solution and request a demo.

About Sunlight

Sunlight is the thinnest, fastest HyperConverged Infrastructure platform built for applications that
run at the edge. We make running and managing applications and infrastructure at the edge as
easy as “in the cloud” across 100s to 1000s of edge devices. Sunlight works with efficient,
ruggedized edge hardware - so you can consolidate all your in-location edge applications with
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About byteLAKE
AI Solutions for Industries | Quality Inspection | Data Insights | AI-accelerated CFD | Self-
Checkout |
byteLAKE: Empowering Industries with AI Solutions. Embrace cutting-edge technology for
advanced quality inspection, data insights, and more. Harness the potential of our CFD Suite,
accelerating Computational Fluid Dynamics for heightened productivity. Unlock new possibilities
with Cognitive Services: image analytics for precise visual inspection for Manufacturing, sound
analytics enabling proactive maintenance for Automotive, and wet line analytics for the Paper
Industry. Seamlessly convert data into actionable insights using Data Insights' AI module,
enabling advanced predictive maintenance and risk detection. Simplify Restaurant and Retail
operations with our efficient self-checkout solution, recognizing meals and groceries and
elevating customer satisfaction. Custom AI Development services available for tailored
solutions. Discover more at


Hannah Mellow

Marketing Director

Date: 16 Jan 2024