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Kraków, Poland and Cambridge, UK (February 22, 2023) -- Onteon Tech, vendor of Onteon, easy to use and efficient application management platform, has announced its availability in the AppLibrary - making it efficient and effortless to deploy, orchestrate, scale, communicate and manage modern applications and legacy applications in edge locations.

Onteon is a complete application deployment, orchestration, management and monitoring solution developed for containerized and native, including legacy, applications in Linux and Windows environments. The Sunlight AppLibrary is a component of Sunlight NexCenter and leverages both the Ansible framework and Sunlight HyperConverged Edge infrastructure to fully automate the end-to-end deployment of application resources and environments. With Onteon’s availability in the Sunlight AppLibrary, enterprises and IT service providers can scale application deployments across highly distributed environments, with full orchestration and centralized management.

“We chose the Sunlight AppLibrary for Onteon because we see some real synergies between our companies.” said Łukasz Sadalski, Head of Commercial Growth & Business Development at Onteon Tech. “The Onteon and Sunlight solutions both offer a smaller footprint, lower latency and better use of resources than the incumbents in our markets - resulting in better efficiencies and lower costs. In addition, Onteon and Sunlight are designed to make application deployments and computing infrastructure easy - so our clients don’t need specialized skills and training to deliver on their goals.”

Sunlight COO, Andy Brewerton, said, “The edge is complex. It is all about applications such as AI, Computer Vision and analytics with big data workloads that need processing close to the source. This has to happen in remote, resource constrained and harsh environments with limited space, power, cooling and networking. The need for smaller, low-power devices means there is not a lot of resource for deploying, running, monitoring, orchestrating and managing the applications. That’s why offering end-to-end solutions with partners, like Onteon Tech, is key to maximizing the value of the edge-appropriate platform that Sunlight delivers, and ensuring efficient, scalable solutions for our customers.”

Onteon has prepared a freemium version of its platform for Sunlight clients to manage configurations on up to three application nodes. To download the Sunlight and Onteon solution brief and/or to enquire about using Onteon for free, visit:


About Sunlight

Sunlight is the thinnest, fastest HyperConverged Infrastructure platform built for applications that run at the edge. We make running and managing applications and infrastructure at the edge as easy as “in the cloud” across 100s to 1000s of edge devices. Sunlight works with efficient, ruggedized edge hardware - so you can consolidate all your in-location edge applications with centralized management, high performance, and high availability.

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About Onteon Tech

Onteon is an application infrastructure for orchestrating, scaling, communicating and managing both legacy and modern applications.
Onteon brings cloud native application capabilities to the edge delivering high performance, low resource usage and true business continuity.

Onteon Tech develops Onteon and provides integration and custom development services, including legacy modernization.

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Hannah Mellow

Marketing Director

Date: 22 Feb 2023