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Sunlight Announces NVIDIA GPU Support, Giving Edge AI a Boost


Cambridge, UK – February 16, 2021 – Sunlight, a developer of virtualization technology for data-intensive applications, today announced NVIDIA GPU support for Sunlight NexVisor, its lightweight hypervisor providing near bare-metal performance with a compact footprint. Organizations can now unlock the full potential of hyperconverged infrastructure at the edge, maximizing the performance of demanding, GPU-accelerated workloads such as artificial intelligence (AI) running in edge environments.

Modern GPUs require massive amounts of throughput to feed the data pipeline. However, legacy virtualization and cloud infrastructures cannot deliver the storage IO necessary, resulting in low GPU utilization. They also have a very large footprint, wasting valuable system resources and leading to high costs and poor efficiency, particularly in constrained computing environments at the far edge.

Sunlight’s NexVisor drives millions of input-output operations per second (IOPS) per virtualized instance with ease, allowing 100 percent utilization of GPUs and enabling high-density, high-performance cloud at a fraction of the cost and energy consumption offered by legacy virtualization technologies. This is critical for supporting workloads that demand top performance with the smallest possible footprint, including AI at the edge.

Managed services provider Yonder Cloud is currently using Sunlight to deliver high-efficiency GPU-accelerated services. CEO Kevin Smith said, “We run some of the most demanding workloads for customers on our infrastructure – from AI, deep learning, visualization and simulation, to VFX, animation and rendering. Sunlight enables us to achieve full utilization of our NVIDIA GPUs, which delivers huge cost benefits and efficiency gains.”

“With high-performance AI becoming central to so many business processes, edge AI has emerged as a very real and rapidly growing phenomenon. Moving AI to the edge can create massive efficiencies, but it requires a new breed of edge infrastructure that can process huge volumes of data in the low-power, resource-constrained and ruggedized compute environments common to far edge locations,” said Julian Chesterfield, Sunlight Founder and CEO. “Now with support for super-fast NVIDIA GPUs, Sunlight is uniquely positioned to support the most demanding workloads out there, with the highest throughput and lowest latency possible.”

About Sunlight
Sunlight makes performance possible anywhere - from the cloud to the edge. Sunlight’s HCI stack makes applications like AI, Big Data, Analytics and Rendering run 3x faster compared to legacy virtualization, and because Sunlight has a tiny footprint - it’s perfect for the edge. Enterprises and MSPs use Sunlight to cut the costs of delivering high performance IT by 70%.
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Hannah Mellow

Marketing Director

Date: 16 Feb 2021