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ESG validates Sunlight for the Edge

You may well be thinking, how can Sunlight claim such a tiny footprint and such high virtualization performance levels? What does it mean for data-intensive Edge applications? Analyst firm, ESG, answers your questions with its independent technical review of Sunlight’s product capabilities and HCI platform. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Virtualization efficiency: Sunlight uses 98% less RAM and 82% less CPU than the two leading data center HCI solutions.
  • Intel Optane Drive Performance: Bare metal performance - in fact up to 6.4% more IOPS than the manufacturer's rating, with very low latency
  • Application deployment: MariaDB on Sunlight on AWS had up to 12X more QPS and 92% latency improvement

"If you seek to maximize the performance of data-intensive workloads, particularly in edge networks, without the burden of the typical virtualization overhead, we strongly urge you to take a closer look at Sunlight."

Alex Arcilla, Senior Validation Analyst, ESG*

Find out more by downloading the full report now.

*Source: ESG, a division of TechTarget, Technical Review, Solving Hyperconvergence (HCI) at the Edge with Sunlight, May 2021


Hannah Mellow

Marketing Director

Date: 26 May 2021