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Turn dark security data into real-time insight with Splunk on Sunlight

Security insight without the holes

Ensuring your data infrastructure is always secure, available and performant is now fundamental to your operations. You can’t protect what you can’t see, and for CIOs, CISOs and infrastructure leaders, real-time visibility into the security, health and performance of your business workloads that are running in your datacenters, in the cloud, and increasingly at the edge is critical.

Dark Security data is a risk
However enterprises are struggling to collect, manage and draw insight from their security data in reasonable timeframes and within a reasonable cost – leaving much of the data ‘dark’ or unprocessed. This leaves them open to the potentially disastrous consequences of a cyberattack. Sunlight has worked with several customers looking to solve these challenges. At the heart of the issue is that the legacy infrastructure that runs Splunk itself isn’t up to the task of pushing the huge volumes of data that must be collected, summarised and searched to generate the real-time alerts and reports that the security organisation needs to address the issue.

A new architecture for Splunk
Sunlight engaged with independent Splunk consultants to define a new architecture for Splunk deployments based on Sunlight’s high performance infrastructure stack and to benchmark the results that could be achieved. This paper describes the transformational results they found and what it means for your organisation.

What if you could

  • Triple your Splunk user-base with no increases in infrastructure cost?
  • Never miss an alert or have gaps in real-time dashboard and report data?
  • Run hundreds of security use cases without worrying about performance?
  • Reduce your Splunk infrastructure costs by over 65%?
  • Reduce your Splunk licence costs by over 50%?

Find out more by downloading this whitepaper today.


Hannah Mellow

Marketing Director

Date: 03 Mar 2021